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Shareholder Information

Stock Information (as of January 31, 2018)

Listing of the Company’s shares: Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market
Authorized shares:150,000,000 shares
Issued shares:45,492,281 shares
Trading unit:100 shares
Number of shareholders: 15,515

Principal Shareholders (Top 10)

Shareholders’ Memo

Listed market Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market
Date of listing April 8, 2015
Securities code 4592
Fiscal year From February 1 every year through January 31 of the following year
Ordinary general meetings of shareholders Late April
Record date Voting right : January 31 every year
Date to determine shareholders
who are entitled to receive interim and
year-end dividend payments
Year-end dividend: January 31
Interim dividend: July 31
Trading unit 100 shares
Method for public notice Electronic Public Notice
URL for the notice: http://www.sanbio.jp/
(However, if the Company is unable to publish public notices by electronic means because of an accident or any other unavoidable event, public notices shall be published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.)
Transfer agent Mitsubishi UFJ trust and Banking Corporation
Corporate Agency Division
7-10-11 Higashisuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo 137-8081, Japan
Toll free phone: 0120-232-711
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