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Outstanding Growth Potential

Unmet medical needs

SanBio focuses on using regenerative cell medicine to treat the disabilies caused by diseases of the central nervous system. Most of these conditions currently have no effective medicinal treatment, and those treatment that do exist generally address disease symptoms and not the underlying cause of the disease. Such conditions afflict a vast number of patients worldwide.

For example, the estimated number of patients surviving a stroke stands at approximately 6.8 million in the US and some 1.23 million in Japan. Among these patients, a substantial number suffer from permanent disability.

SanBio’s multinational, multi-indication development strategy

As of January, 2016, SanBio had introduced a product for the treatment of chronic motor impairment from ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury into clinical development in both Japan and the US. In the future, SanBio plans to continue expanding the indications and geographical regions for its products, using both internal development, as well as partnerships and licenses.

Business expansion by indications and territories

※License returned to SanBio from Teijin as of Feb 14,2018.

( as of February 28, 2018 )

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